What is Esperanto?

Source:     Wikipedia


Esperanto is a:

  • Neutral language: it is not belong to any countries in the world, made this language owned by everyone, and it is equal to everyone.
  • Easy to be learned: Everyone that learned this language, as well as verbal confirmation by English native speakers said that Esperanto language is five time easier rather than Español (Spain), ten times easier than Russia, and “far a lot of easier” rather than Mandarin (Chinesse), Japonic (Japan), or Arabic language.

Esperanto language features:

  • Consistent spelling system: In contrast with Mandarin that takes years to master characters with spelling, or English with a lot of spelling inconsistencies, Esperanto has one-letter-one-spelling, so it is very easy to master Esperanto spelling system.
  • Unexceptionally regular grammar: You only need to remember 16 simple rules at max, you will be able to make a meaningful sentences in Esperanto, correctly, useful and effective.
  • Simple word creation based from root words: You only need to remember about 500 root words (including particles and afixes), you will master the word creation to create complex vocabularies.