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Transitional Committee of IEA

Here are the transitional committee of IEA, dedicating to Esperanto movement in Indonesia.

Ilia Sumilfia Dewi who called as Ilia was born in Jakarta on March 11th 1978. She started to know Esperanto in the middle of 2009 by short presentation of esperantist (Esperanto speaker) from Belgium, Heidi Goes. After then, with some friends who ever learned Esperanto together, she made Esperanto group for learning the language together at one of the Mall in Jakarta until October 2010 when the Esperanto club “Esperiga Suno” was founded and became the first Esperanto club during the new movement of Esperanto in Indonesia. In December 2010, she had the first opportunity to join the Esperanto event in overseas which is known as Komuna Seminario (KS-28) among 4 countries such as Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea. In the next opportunity she represented Indonesia in the International congress of Esperanto (UK-95) and in the same time also joined some Esperanto events like SES (Esperanto Summer Course) in Slovakia, Kristian Esperanto congress in Cheko and Italian Esperanto congress in Turin, Italy. Through her experiences, she gained motivation and more active in sharing Esperanto to many communities . In 2013, as one of the local committee, she organized the 1st Indonesia Esperanto congress in Bogor and next was elected as president of Indonesia Esperanto Association of 2013-2016. In the beginning of 2015, She was invited to join Australia Esperanto congress in Melbourne. Then in 2016, on behalf of Indonesia Esperanto Association, she organized the Three Nation Esperanto Congress with Australia Esperanto Association and New Zealand Esperanto Association whom also supported by Bandung Esperanto club and Asia-Africa Conference Museum in Bandung. Nowadays, besides being one of organizer in Jakarta Esperanto club, she is also the president of transition committee of Indonesia Esperanto Association until further notice. She can be reachable by e-mail:

Erlangga Femayuga (Pen Name: Erlangga Greschinov) was born in Jakarta, April 28th, 1993. In 2016, he finished his study in faculty of Industrial Engineering, at Telkom Institute of Technology, Bandung. He knew Esperanto from esperantist group in Facebook. Since then, his activity in Esperanto movement began. He became esperantist since 2010. He is also the founder of Komunitas Faktabahasa, the biggest youth platform emphasizing in language learning. He joined 97th Universal Esperanto Congress and 68th Youth Esperanto Congress in Vietnam. Currently, he lives in Bekasi and becomes one of transition committee of Indonesia Esperanto Association, serving as a head of Information Department. For further contact, you can submit an email to

Arman Yusuf (nicknamed Uucuup) born in Jakarta, August 30th, 1975. He graduated from Faculty of System Information of Budi Luhur University on 2013 and currently he becomes a lecturer on the same university. He knew a glance of Esperanto in December 2015 onward. He joined Three Countries Esperanto Congress in Bandung, Indonesia in March 2016 for then he decided to help the movement of Esperanto in IEA to became Secretary on 2016 and Education department in 2017. His email address is

Dewi Rizki (nicknamed Dewi) known Esperanto in 2015 on the 7th grade of high school. She borned in Bogor, April 21, 1997 and currently she is studied in Rusian faculty of Universitas Indonesia. She learned Esperanto more when she joined Indonezia Esperantista Junulara Organizo (IEJO). She decided to be fully committed learning Esperanto, when Ilia offered a special role of becoming the secretary of Indonezia Esperanto-Asocio (IEA). She can be reached on

Asfrina Liola (nicknamed Lio). She knew Esperanto from Ilia since 2011. She started learn it at E-Club “Esperiga Suno” in Jakarta. Currently, she studies economy in University of Mercu Buana and works as a financial manager. In 2012, she served as a treasurer of Esperanto club in Jakarta; she joined Universal Esperanto Congress in Vietnam. Also, was a board of manager of First Esperanto-Indonesian Congress in Bogor. This year, she joined Three-Nation Esperanto Congress in Bandung. Now she serves as a treasurer of IEA. You can contact her at:

Tri-Nation Esperanto Congress

Tri-Nation Esperanto Congress has been successfully completed on Bandung, Indonesia, March 23-28, 2016. A lot of beautiful moments and priceless experiences from that congress. To remind of these moments, please visit our image galleries provided by respected Kim Lee, Risa Gama, Ilia Dewi and the Journalist of Museum Konperensi Asia Afrika (MKAA, led by Aulia Meytriasari):

  Trilanda Kongreso de Esperanto 2016 photo collection

You can also obtain the soft-copy of Congress Booklet from this link below:

  Trilanda Kongreso de Esperanto 2016 Booklet

Register for 3 Countries Congress of Esperanto 2016

Trilanda Kongreso de Esperanto Emblemo kun Teksto

  • Are you an Esperantist?
  • Would you like to have many friends from many countries?
  • Would you like to experience the Esperanto event?
  • Would you like to have a fun moment, as well as a chance to improve your Esperanto speaking capability?

Should you answer “YES!” then it is important for you to join this 3 Countries Congress of Esperanto: Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. The registration opens from June 2015 to February 2016.

Image & Resto Hotel
Jl. Lengkong Besar 145, Bandung 40251
    (+62) (022) 4213461
    Hotel website

As you expect to enroll this event within your organization, please contact your country-level enrollment form. If you are Indonesian, please switch to Bahasa Indonesia and register from there. If you need specific services, i.e. information regarding other hotels or hostels around the venue, or transportation to the congress venue, please email to or call this number    +628111773387.

We’ll see you all in this grand conference! See you!

Trilanda Kongreso de Esperanto - LastpaĝoTrilanda Kongreso de Esperanto - Ĉefpaĝo