Benefits of Esperanto

Source:     Heidi Goes personal website


Add your new friends:  Esperanto allows you to have pen pals from all around the world; they have different cultures. If you are happy to travel, you should bring your “Pasporta Servo” that contains Esperantists’ list from more than 70 countries. They will gladly host your visit free of charge and they will let you know valuable information about city and country they lived.

    Paporta Servo: Who you can visit in Indonesia?

Conduct a meeting: There are a lot of meeting for Esperantists in your city, your country and even International. You can visit International Esperanto Congress, International Youth Esperantist Congress. It will be a unforgettable moment for thousands of its participants.

    Join 3 Countries Esperanto Congress 2016 in Bandung

Experience other different cultures: As an international medium, Esperanto has a lot of literature, translated or natively written that discussed about a lot of topics. It also has many magazines, radio and TV broadcasts.

    Popular in Esperanto