Articles of Association

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Articles of Association
Indonesia Esperanto Association

I. Association Name

1.1 Association name is Indonezia Esperanto-Asocio; shorted as IEA (Bahasa Indonesia: Asosiasi Esperanto Indonesia. English: Indonesia Esperanto Association).

1.2. IEA inherit the history of IEA that found on 1952.

1.3. IEA is representing the Esperantists in Indonesia, that be on this association, or other instances.

II. Goals and Scopes

2.1 IEA goals are

  • To promote the usage of International language of Esperanto;
  • To facilitate all humankind relationship from different nationalities, genders, religions, politics or languages;
  • To improve the solidarity between the members, to help Esperanto groups in Indonesia, and to develop the understanding and to tribute other nations;
  • To acknowledge the society about Esperanto language value and other general linguistic matters.

2.2 Scopes:

  • Information;
  • Educations;
  • Practices.

2.3 IEA is a non-profit organization, thus IEA does not collecting profit. IEA will only conduct events that generates profit in which that profit will be used back to realize goals that have been established.

III. Membership

3.1 All individuals can join to IEA regardless their nations, religions and their political views.

3.2 Members that contrary act with Articles of Association can be terminated with the board decision; if there is appeal, the decision will be appointed in the subsequent of General Meeting.

IV. Organization

4.1 The highest body in IEA decision making is General Assembly. The Board meets with General Assembly at least once a year. Schedule and meeting agenda should be informed to members at least 2 months prior the event.

4.2 IEA members elected The Board that consist of 5-9 members. The Board will realize, coordinate and represent IEA tasks.

4.3 The Board will internally arrange to elect president, secretary, treasurer and vice president if necessary.

4.4 General Assembly elected 2 comptrollers that is not member of  The Board.

4.5 The main tasks of The Board:

a) To inform all members about Esperanto activities domestically and Internationally;

b) To conduct the Esperanto meetings domestically and Internationally;

c) To educate and to train the activists.

4.6 The Board activities should be reported to General Assembly.

4.7 The Board reserves a right to elect additional representatives in regions or departments.

V. General Election

5.1 All IEA members have a right to join the General Election.

5.2 Meetings that holds General Election conducted every 3 years on the General Meeting.

5.3 Quorum to conduct the General Election during General Meeting is 1/3 of the IEA member.

5.4 IEA member have a right to grant their election to other presented member with the signed Power of Attorney letter to the IEA president at least 2 weeks before the General Meeting.

VI. Financial

6.1 The president will inform the latest financial report in annual basis. Auditor will report the financial audit result during General Meeting.

6.2 Membership fee is listed under Member’s Term and Condition.

VII. Appendices

7.1 Articles of Association is only amended on General Meeting.

7.2 To amend the IEA Articles of Association, the meeting requires 2/3 IEA members to join the General Meeting.

7.3 The further function of IEA will be disclosed in separated distributions.

7.4 The first Articles of Association is verdict on April 7, 2013 during the first Indonesia Esperanto Congress.